Black & White: Ultimate install order?


New member
Jul 3, 2022
anyone know the install order for this mod is to make it work? thanks for any help.
Before installing, on the original English image of the game, install patch 1.10, patch 1.2 (and you don’t need to install patch 1.3!) And on top of it, unofficial patch 1.42 for the original game and unofficial patch 1.24 for Creature Isle.

1). Download Black & White: Ultimate.
2). Drag the "Ultimate" folder into the Black & White directory.
3). Go to "Ultimate" and run "BWUltimate.exe".
4). In the main menu, control arrows, space, backspace.

Also, there is a HD Project mod with improved textures and 3D models. Placed on top of Ultimate.
Compatibility mode in the properties of EXE files DO NOT turn on! in Setup.exe it is desirable to set "Maximum detail", resolution 1920x1080.