Black & White game startup


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Aug 13, 2020
Hello everyone, I have a question about the menu that I keep seeing pop up each time I play Black & White. I played the game not too long ago and seem to remember that there was a menu for continuing the game, but now it just says options like start from the beginning, skip to the creature selection, and use your last creature, etc.

Even though I started a new game this option keeps appearing each time I boot up the game even if I have saved files. In order to load them I have to pick use last creature and then go to the temple to load the game I want. Is there some way around this? Why would it be doing this each time I boot up the game? I just want to immediately load whatever save I choose and not have to go through the other options that I keep having pop up.

Any suggestions or solutions?

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Make sure you always 'run as administrator' or the game won't save.