Black & White: Eden Overhaul v1.2


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Sep 2, 2018
A few people contacted me asking for this so I decided to post it again.

For those of you who don't know what this is, it's basically just a homemade black and white update.

You can find the download link here.

========================== DESCRIPTION ==========================
These are just some of the things we did to "update" Eden...
*Created a creature training area on land 1 with every miracle dispenser for early training.
*Most miracles are available on most lands now.
*Villagers will now only cut trees down if they absolutely have to.
*Optimized all 6 online maps for AI enemy gods.
*Made playground and skirmish versions of all the story lands.
*Made playground and skirmish versions of creature isle.
*More resources available on each map.
*You get more wood from trees now.
*New forests
*New fish farms
*New farms
*New flocks
*New lights
*New scenery
*New buildings
*New villagers
*New towns
*Made some existing towns habitable.
*Most worship sites start off already built now.
*Miracle seeds on every level have the possibility of being every miracle in the game.
*Most towns have been given a special "water fountain" (water miracle dispenser with a pool of water under it). It supplies your creature with drinking water and a place to "cool down".
*All creature pens now have been given a small pool of water for your creature.
*Placed a "toilet pillar" for your creature near every town/fishing area. You can train him to only crap on these "toilets".
*Lots of toys and cool things to turn into relics on every land. Plus a few tree and hedge specimens in case you want to landscape.
*Removed/relocated some buildings that were blocking travel paths for creatures.
*Tons of item placement fixes (clipping things and things stacked on top of each other).
*Wolves are sheep now in most cases. Wolves kill too many villagers and depopulate towns too fast.
*We put small pots of wood & grain everywhere. Kinda like hidden treasure chests.

========================== BIG CHANGES ==========================
******** "Impressing Overhaul 1.1" ********
One goal we had wass to make impressing towns something that takes longer than 5 seconds. You shouldn't just be able to leash your creature to a village store and win over the town 2 min later. Impressing a new town should require effort from both you and your creature. There are several ways we're going about this. For instance... Missionaries are now more effective and all the non-miracle actions you perform give you more belief. The point being, we want there to be more that one way to impress a town. Another thing we want to do is make every town require belief based on how valuable/strategic that town is. For instance a town with level one fireball and level one heal should be a lot easier to impress than a town with level three storm and megablast.

******** "Global Land Balance Overhaul 1.1" ********
There are a bunch of hidden passive stats and effects that apply to every town/villager/etc. land-wide. Similar to how the effects of wonders work. By default all these stats are basically random across all the different maps with no real pattern or anything. We went through and made these stats the same on every map to add consistency in villager behavior and to give every map the same pace. The passive effects are...
(0) how lazy your villagers are
(1) how impressive you and your creatures actions are
(2) how impressive you and your creatures miracles are
(3) how effective your missionaries are
(4) how fast your villagers perform actions including life cycle
(5) how much wood you get from trees
(6) how fast villagers charge artifacts
(7) how fast villagers produce prayer power

******** "Desire Overhaul 1.1" ********
This is less complex. All villages have desires... food, wood, offspring, etc. But some villages have almost no desire for some things. Meaning they don't fulfill the desire completely by themselves. By default every town on every map desire things at different levels. This causes some towns to rarely breed and others to rarely gather food or whatever. So we went through and made every town all want the same stuff at the same levels. Again to add consistency to villager behavior.
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This sounds amazing, I will definitely give it a try. Thank you for all the hard work and for sharing this with everyone. :D

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By the other Gods, you beautiful thing, you! I just wanted to thank you for the script key you added. It has been so bloody helpful for someone like me still learning. I love you. XD
Yeah I thought somebody might find that useful someday.

For those of you who don't know what the script key is, it's everything I learned while making this mod.

I'll attach it.


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The download link is not working. Can somebody provide a correct link.
Thanks, Denes
The download link is not working. Can somebody provide a correct link.
Thanks, Denes
Here is the copy that was uploaded by OP. The readme says v1.1 but it is up to date. Cheers!
Uploaded to Drive because it's too large to be attached.

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