Black & white 3 using Unreal Engine?


Jun 21, 2012
Maybe there is a way to take a long path to create some spiritual sucessor of the franchise or bw3 straight, what if the whole modder commumity could lead a big project with unreal engine to make it possible? I were seeing unreal engine tools amd it's not that hard to use, and someone with free time could learn how to use it, we could create teams to learn how to use it, if lionhead studios could create bw2, een as a rushed game, what if we go straight and try to make it? I know i could sound stupid, but think about it, it's not that hard.
So I've finally found my people (or at least I hope y'all think so, I definitely do). I'm getting into coding, game building and cybersecurity so I know that at some point I'll be a valuable asset to this forum.

There is so much potential here and I truly think that it's within our purview to do so.

I also didn't show up without some ideas that I've been brewing since B&W2 came out which I think we all might appreciate:

God Race/Gender Customization- This next game should be an equal opportunity experience. The previous ones are obviously centered around he/him pronouns and white skin on the hand, which fit me comfortably, but not a lot of my friends who I know would really enjoy this game if they could relate better to the experience. This could easily tie in to the next topic because of the whole "made in God's image" thing...

Customizable Tribes - Wouldn't it be cool if we could choose which types of tribes we wanted to be? This is something that I think B&W2 touched on, but didn't quite follow through with on the whole alignment thing. Good vs Evil is fun, but what about Natural vs Technological vs Economical vs Magical? Disciple wizards, biologists, scientists, engineers and traders? I think B&W1 had disciple traders if my memory serves me correctly. 🤔 Also, these values shouldn't be linear, but indicative of how the player progresses procedurally...

Procedurally-Generated Storylines - I want the ability to be anything when I play, and the storyline should reflect our in-game choices. What bugged me most about previous games is the repetition of the consciences and waiting through cutscenes I'd already waited through so often before. Although the Black & White series is my all-time favorite, and I've stood by that since the first time I played when I was like 8 years old, but there are always ways to improve if we want this to stand out as a game-changer.

Technological Advancement - This could function similar to the tribute-based unlock feature in B&W2, or by land where each land is an age within itself, or another concept that I thought would be cool is a multiverse approach that would tie in nicely to the opening scenes of the previous games except in this one each saved game is it's own universe and these universes can sometimes cross over (kind of like how in Spore you'll sometimes come across your other species saves if you play long enough).

Creature Breeding - Creature Isle was so unique in it's holistic focus on creatures. This has unquantifiable potential for value in the age of NFTs. Imagine breeding, buying, trading and selling eggs, creatures, hybrids and chimeras on the blockchain for immense IRL value! The Fursona community will eat this up and ask for seconds!

A Metaversal Approach to Godship - This next evolution of Black & White should be as open and interchangeable as possible. I'm talking about a thriving community of GODS! We could make and be anything. Most of us are already doing so by modding older versions of this idea and for that you have my mana. All of it. Let's bring back multiplayer in the best ways possible. Whether it's peace, trade or war, I'm here for it.

Cross-Platform, Cross-Genre - Playable on consoles, PC and VR with a huge bridging server for cross-platform multiplayability. Then we add in the ability to control your creature in third-person mode, AND the ability to remote control villagers in the same way... You can see how we could completely change what "God Game" means.

User-Friendly World Crafter Interface - If we really are going to be gods, let's take a chapter out of Godus or From Dust and add the sand, stone and rock miracles. Not to mention tsunami wonders or a mod where if you cast a volcano, the mountain stays.

I'm extremely passionate about this idea if you haven't noticed 😅
Anyway, I have a lot more ideas I'm still conceptualizing but for now I'm about to get ready for bed.

Thank you all for hearing me out and all of the value you bring to this abandoned gem, I look forward to finding most of you on the discord server and here if I can remember to stop back by often enough.

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