black and white creature isle, Unofficial Patch?


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Is there going to be a patch for the creature isle? :shocked

I am installing the original black and white now. :angel :devil


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That would be a dream of mine, but I don't think there's enough interest in creature isle for the patch makers to patch it.

I'd love it though.

After months of playing Black & White 1.41 I cant even look at creature isle 1.23 anymore.


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I am very interested. Was a pain at times trying get Creature Isle to work on Windows 7 and Windows 10.  :devil

I think there are enough people interested, I would love to see Creature Isle updated and working on modern PCs. :blues:


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I recently got back into Black and White! Id love to see Creature Isle get fixed please!! I cant run on Windows 10. BW1 works great however good job!!! Love Creature Isle hopefully gets help soon!! 😇


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Also interested in a patch for creature isle. I tried to get it working on windows 10 but it can't detect I have black and white 1 installed for some reason. Cheers!


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A little hint: The game basically has borked graphics settings meaning that if you have more than I believe 128 MB of video memory the game gets an overflow resulting in you getting the worst possible textures in the game. You can get around this by using a Direct3D wrapper like dgVoodoo. Just unzip the dll files from the MS folder into the game folder together with the config exe and set it to use Ge-force 4 settings. Then it should look its best even on modern hardware.


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Maybe we could give money to the patcher to motivate them to do the work?  :upside  wouldn't be costy if we all participate to it.