Black and white 2 opens but nothing shows


New member
Jun 3, 2022
This is kind of hard to explain but what happens is i open my game and i hear the music and everything but there is no screen and when i try to open it on the taskbar nothing happens it just makes all my programs on my first screen get resized weirdly. when i first open it it shows a black screen but then goes to my desktop. i have installed all the patches.
Hi, I've ran into the same issue and found a fix for that. You need to set your desktop resolution to 1024x768.
Then the game won't minimized/background and you can change the resolution ingame to what you want.

I'm just wondering there aren't more threads about it. And it must be caused how Windows 11 (maybe Windows 10 too) handles fullscreen games or maybe how Nvidia handles it. Because the game started normally and keeps running and it wants to enter a profile name. But because of the different resolution its minimized to background of windows.

I hope this helps others with the same problem :)