best fighter then slowly turn in to a punch bag. I NEED YOUR WISE WORDS


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Jul 13, 2016
HI everyone , i really appreciate your works on the website . Thanks for all hard-work

I recently play the game again , and i trained a leopard so hard that it can beat almost every creature mind except those that really well trained  and then i switch it to a WOLF cause i like the look and then this is where the fun begin

I notice that unlike my leopard who like to kick and flip the wolf really into close hand combat , it slap and swing over and over and perform those action in a perfect range (doesn't move up or down to find range) and when it is not in range with the opponent , it kick and flip or slide and kick and then repeat the hand-work. This lead to victories against creature that everyone on the forum suggest as the perfect fighter like NEGATUS , FEAR , DAVID3, DECON , SCAR...etc . With a ratio of win like 4/5 fight. And i do nothing and watch it continue to win to have a 300+ fight uncontrolled against everything i throw at it . I still keep the mind at this state (as a backup)

Still on the way to 500+ it just suddenly suck, have a ratio of win like 1/5 against those that it can easily defeat....i really mad cause...(u guys been there too , dont u?)  :((

Please , what did i do wrong??