B&W2 random crashes delete save files


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Jul 27, 2017
This is my first post here (I actually made this account just to post here).
So I was out of internet for a couple weeks and I still had my old B&W2 CD + Key, so it's a legit copy, everything is legal, shouldn't be a problem (right?) I have a Windows 7 pc, which really confuses me. As on the internet I have read a lot about it not being compatible with windows 7. However, I still have my old old computer from back in 2009, it runs windows 7 and I remember playing B&W2 on that computer for hundreds of hours in the past. Now it won't even launch the game on there, and it's working even less on my current pc (also running windows 7 professional). I installed the patches + fan patch, it makes the game run, but any compatibily mode other than windows 98/me it won't show all the textures properly and will leave HUGE blocks of texture out of the game. If I run on windows 98/me, the graphic buggs are fixed, but whenever someone starts talking (enemy, or your good/evil concious) whenever I do a mouseclick or keypress the voices start lagging. After having ran the game for a good 10-15minutes (might have made it to 20minutes at most) the game crashes, my save files disapear and I have to do it all over again. I searched hours for a fix for this, nothing can be found on the internet.

I have yet to try to install the fan patches on my old computer. it might run flawlessly there after patching. But I'd really prefer to be able to play it on a computer I actually use, and not have to take out a old spare one and set it up everytime, just to play some nostalgia.

(I posted this in B&W1 help first because apparently I can't read properly, apologies for that)

Edit: "The core application has stopped working" although i doubt this has to do with my hardware.. Specs:

AMD FX 6300 - 6-core 3.5GHz
AMD RX 480 8GB DDR5 Graphic Memory
1TB HDD (Installed on HDD, not SSD)
Windows 7 Home Professional OS