B&W Ultimate mod issue


New member
Oct 25, 2019
Recently downloaded this mod and really like it, although something seems off... Whenever i use the heal miracle or the one with gesture, the consciousness' act as if i had done something evil. At first i though that maybe a person died or something or something else happened that was tied to my actions that caused an evil act to take place at the same time, but this has happened several times on different maps, so... Why is my healing suddenly an evil action? Is it a bug, is it intended? Do i actually gain evil from using heal (srsly tho, how can heal be evil?)? Or does it still go in as a good god action and the dialogues are just messed up?
Correct me if im wrong, but have you ever seen anyone evil cure or heal someone just cause he can? Doesnt really seem like an evil act if this indeed is intended.

In case it is intended, is there any way to simply change this somewhere in the files? Because right now, only way to take over villages as a good god without making villagers lazy is with a flock of birds and artifacts... while evil can just scare the entire village with all kinds of crazy sht... and then heal the villagers on top of that as well
Hi people. Does anyone use linux? I've started ultimate through the wine but color and temple changing doesn't work...
Works great with HDProject! The only thing is that when I choose Hard mode, the game cannot be paused and the creature's hints disappear, you cannot find out what it is thinking about. How to fix it?