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B&W Cheat Mod 1.0.0

Good mod if this works, I exceed the limits now I can be a good God and defeat enemies easier Hooo and I can also be an ally of anyone but the allies are a bit stupid hahaha and they do not do anything or help to build hahaha I have to give everything
friend I would like a next update if you can please
Let it be an alignment hack please and that the aldians do not get sad about everything hahahaha thanks friend good mod I congratulate you Goodbye :poop::poop::poop::poop::poop::poop::poop:
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Hello, how are you, I know that I have spoken well of the mod, but the truth is that I have had a total problem with the alliances. I press the correct keys and the allies do not want to accept the alliance and it seems to me that in this game there is no more godly diplomacy only for this mod that forces any god to become an ally of the other god so I don't have a good relationship with that god please help me why this happens also the only gods who accept me alliances are

Player 5 who is yellow if he accepts me-Khazar
Player 6 who is blue if he accepts me - Lethys
Player 2, who is green, accepts my alliance on some occasions
Player 3 who is pink seems like a permanent enemy not even with the mod: V
Player 4 who is light blue The same as player 3 is garbage
Player 7 who is orange is a fool just like player 2, 3 and 4 and 7
And if you are thinking that it is not my keyboard, please help me, I know that they are still active, please help. :mad: