2 Scaffoldings sometimes limited into only small abodes


New member
Jan 25, 2020
Hello! I have recently installed BW1 on Win10 (nocd, BaW2 patch).

On Land 2, when I move a Scaffolding2 on the land to create a big house, it only shows a small abode (one needing only a single Scaffolding), even on a big flat grass area.
Very rarely, for a limited amount of time, this restriction disappear, then comes back quickly.

What do you think about this bug? It is quite a pain for building a decent, efficient and nice-looking village.

Thank you for your help!
that's weird, it shouldn't happen if there is enough room for the building.
the only thing that i know, is that sometimes when your villagers don't need buildings, it shows you smaller 2-Scaffold buildings, but i don't think it should offer you a 1 scaffold building.
maybe try increasing your population?!