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    Why does my alignment keep going down?

    You mostly get evil alignment by capturing towns or doing the evil objectives. Besides I noticed starving villagers can give you a big amount of decrease. Defeating enemy troops outside of their influence shouldn't give you that much of evil alignment points.
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    GameBalance Values

    Hey guys, I had figured out the meanings of many game balance values so I thought I just share them here. Still most definitions of the values are missing (like some values in GameBalanceCreature.txt or platoon values in GameBalanceArmy.txt). All values are written from the left to right, which...
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    Game 100% crashes in the cutscene to Land 11 (Black & white 2 Redux )

    Minor advice: You can leave the land to god's playground after you finished the 10th level and save there. Like that you don't have to repeat the 10 level every time. For the save game crash: All I know is the game fails to write the file game.sav to the saved games folder. According to my...
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    Redux Mod for Black & White 2

    New version 1.4 is up download link below. Features 3 new campaign lands from BOTG, difficulty adjustments and balance changes  :D Version 1.4 Download Version 1.4 Changelog How to install Redux
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    Everything's great.... But I might have a seizure.

    Start the game and minimize it, navigate to white.exe in the task-manager and try to set the cpu-affinity to just cpu 0, maximize the game and look if it helps.
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    Help. cant make them breed.

    You only installed both patches 1.1 and 1.2 right? Make sure to install Matts fan patches, hopefully it it works then. For BW2 install this patch: For BOTG install this patch:
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    Redux Mod for Black & White 2

    Not yet but I'll give more information about it when I've progressed enough in finishing the next patch  :)
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    Redux Mod for Black & White 2

    Hello all, I'm currently working on getting the my own adaptation of the botg-campaign into bw2 and want to share some screenshots here: Cutscene introducing the enemy creature: Japanese town conquered by the aztecs + Ghosts! I also had a look at the unused ballista, quite funny to see it...
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    BW2 Modding Small bug list

    Hello everyone, currently I seem to hit some limits with the bw2 modding tools and ran into issues which I can't fix. I hope that maybe some of you guys might now a fix or a direction how to fix it. [list type=decimal] First there are two problems with land ids. One is major and one minor...
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    Redux Mod for Black & White 2

    Hello, sorry for forgetting to answer, but better late than never  :yes I originally wanted to include the vortex script in my mod, but I made some bad experiences with the persistent data function in black & white 2 which can crash the game for some people which is one of the main reasons why I...
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    Redux Mod for Black & White 2

    Thanks for your feedback, unfortunate though that your save game got damaged. Any idea what could've caused the broken save? I'll consider your awesome feedback for the next update of my mod. I don't know which wind sound you mean. If you mean the wind sound during the loading screen it's...
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    Redux Mod for Black & White 2

    Thanks for the report. Not exactly a bug, I set all names of custom quests to "Default" for now. To add custom quest names I would need to edit the file "bw2text.bin" located in the Black & White 2 folder but I don't know a way to edit the file without crashing the game.
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    Redux Mod for Black & White 2

    Thanks to Handsome Matt who uploaded the original B&W2 scripts I can easily edit the original creature selection. So yes, I plan to add the tiger and gorilla in the next version :)
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    Redux Mod for Black & White 2

    You're right, originally there were 2 lands but in my opinion the whole fight against the aztecs was over too fast so I want to make 3 lands. I don't plan to add opponent gods to my campaign maps but I think I'll add them to my skirmish maps which I plan to include in this mod in a later version.
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    Redux Mod for Black & White 2

    Ohh didn't exactly know that. Thanks for informing me :)