Nat's All Lands Start Save Game - Wolf

Nat's All Lands Start Save Game - Wolf 1.0

All Lands Start - Wolf​

A game profile which contains saves at the start of all lands.

What is it?​

This file contains a game profile that contains 7 saves - One for the start of each land, starting at the Norse land. It's ideal for speedrun practice, or to just play on lands you enjoy.

Each save starts with the minimum amount of tribute for that land (accumulated from 'Win The Land' objectives) and no purchases, allowing you to spend tribute on the items you want.

Each save also starts at 0.0% alignment, allowing you to develop how you want.

All saves use the Wolf creature. If people would like to see other creatures then please let me know!

How did I create it?​

By modifying the game balance files, I changed the impressiveness value for villas. Instead of giving the normal 80 impressiveness, villas gave ~40,000 impressiveness. I also removed all alignment values, forcing the profile to stay at 0.0%. At the start of each land, I saved the game.

Both of these modifications are NOT included in the save file, so villas have the normal impressiveness, and alignment is gained/lost as usual.

How to install?​

Download the zip file and extract it. Inside should be a folder called "~SpeedWolf". Place this folder inside your profiles folder for BW2, usually at C:\Users\UserName\Documents\Black & White 2\Profiles.

Thanks a lot for checking this out, and I hope it helps some people get into speedrunning, or just revive some interest in the game!

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