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Black & White v1.42 - Infinite Drawing Distance 1.42


This runblack.exe was created by the Discord user "ayleia" from the B&W Community Discord.
The drawing distance of all 3D models and most textures have been increased immensly so that villagers, animals, trees and buildings no longer fade out the moment you zoom out a tiny bit.

To install follow these steps:
1. Install Black & White normally
2. Download and install Patch v1.1, v1.2 and v1.42 (skip v1.3)
3. Download the Infinite Drawing Distance "runblack.exe" and overwrite the v1.42 runblack.exe with it
4. Make sure to activate VSync and have your monitor set to 60Hz / limit the games FPS to 60 FPS using Radeon Chill (AMD) or Max Frame Limiter (nVidia)
5. Start the game and enjoy this immense quality of life improvement (thanks a million times @ ayleia)
6. (Optional) Use only CTRL+S and CTRL+L to save and load your game, save always before you enter a Portal to the next Land as well as before you take over a Village, as those are the most common moments the game can crash at, causing you to lose several hours of gameplay.
This means that you can also turn off autosave (to avoid the gameplay pause of the not always working autosave), just make sure to manually save with CTRL+S every now and then.

Unfortunately the land textures will still fade out to their lower resolution textures, if you want to try and fix this the original Discord post of ayleia will be linked below. Scrolling down it will also show you the Hex Values to look for when editing the file.

The game will be about as crash prone as normally, however if you manage to get a village with over 5000/+6000 villagers, this runblack.exe will cause the game to crash on load or several seconds into the game.
During normal gameplay you will never have that many villagers on any of the Lands 1 to 5 as well as the Multiplayer Maps unless you really push it.
However, if ever you do wanna get to that many villagers, make sure to simply re-install the v1.42 patch to have the Infinite Drawing Distance .exe replaced with the original v1.42 one again.

Also, apparently high FPS will cause the game to crash more frequently, therefore make sure to limit the games FPS to 60 using VSync (when monitor is set to 60Hz) or your graphics card control panels frame limiter.

Ultimate Mod:
This .exe only works with the base game and only with the fan patch v1.42, here however is the original discussion on the B&W Community Discord:

Scroll down the conversation for more info about the Hex-Edits that were done to the runblack.exe, maybe they too can be applied to the Ultimate Mod or maybe one of you can find out how to prevent the land textures from fading out.
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Thank you for supporting this classic game!
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Does what it says and easy install! Question though, is there a way to adjust how far you want the draw distance. Like meet somewhere in the middle of never and base game?
You would have to look up the hex values and do that yourself.

On AMD graphics cards though the infinite drawing distance will make the game run better overall. The moment stuff changes into 2D sprites is when you lose the most FPS on AMD.
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Absolutely necessary
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