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Black and White Creature Isle Definitive Edition 0.9b 0.942b

- Bugfix for Missionary Leave-Quest on StormyIsland (FullStory Mode)
- Bugfix: Land18 Intro-Script never ending and no scrolls appears
- LandT into the Storymodes added
- Patreon: Credits-Updates
- Added Storm Miracle Maximum (very huge and black Tornado) as a new Miracle
0.941b - Infinite Gold Fix on the Land 2 Singing Stone Challenge
- Land 1 to Land 5: Fix for stopped abilities after Land change
- Patreon: Villagernames Update
- Patreon: Credits-Updates
A new Update with much Bugfixes is online now. Please don't forget to read the readme and use the F2 Help Menu in the game for informations and help, before you ask me.

After I forget, to share the other Updates (0.92b and 0.93b), I will share this update now and also show the Updatelog of the other Updates too.

0.94b - Land 2, first Neutral Town: fixing infinite Gold
- Patreon: Villagernames Update
- Patreon: Credits-Updates
- Added Path-Fix, by Shane
- Skirmish-Crash Fix, caused by earning Gold
- A little Multipickup bugfix (aktivating/deactivating didn't worked)
- Loading correct Gold-Value in the Purchasements
- Bugfix for change keyboard control settings based crash
- Extraoption, for enable/disable Unlimited Draw-Distance
- fixed the Creature-Crash bug, after choosing a creature for a new Profile on the Tiny Start-Island
- No-Creature-Bug in Land 2 to Land 4 in Vanilla Story Mode fixed

0.93b - added a missing File for the Purchasement-Buttons
- Bugfix for Land 2 Gold
- added some helpful informations to the Readme

0.92b - Bugfix, not working Mana Loading for the Portal in Atlantis
- Bugfix, not working Mana Loading for the Hyperepic on Finalworld
- Multipickup fix, to make it impossible, to get Street Laterns and other Objects,
the player can't pickup
- Fixed a Bug, where Symbol changes for a Storymap doesn't appears
- bugfix for own custom symbols
- fixed a bug for Profil deleting
- added Patreon-Codes for Patreon-Users
- Bugfix for Extrabuildings
- added Custom Villager-Names (for Patreon-Villager Names)
- added Special Credits for Patreon Users
- Extrabuilding-Bugfix for new Towns
- Added Creature Swap-Scripts to each Storymodes for the Patreon Creatures
(you can find the Creatures in Land 1, Land 4, CI, Eruption, Land 7, Land 11, Land 14, Land 16, Land 20, Island 2, Island6, Chaosland 1, Chaosland 2)
- Bugfix for 2 challenges on Land 7
- added missing files, for some of the new miracles
- Bugfix for Milestone 'First Gold'
- bugfix for new games on new profiles
- extra savestate for new games, after choosing a creature on new games
Mirror 1: Link
Mirror 2: Link