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Wolf Creature Face / Model Fix - V1.1 1.0.0


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May 10, 2011
ego533 submitted a new resource:

Wolf Creature Face / Model Fix - V1.1 - The retail creature model includes a mistake in the morphs applied to the Wolf creature.

The retail creature model includes a mistake in the morphs applied to the Wolf creature. Two visible consequences are the lack of an 'adult' model and severe visual artifacts on the face as the creature morphs (Thin , Strong, Fat, ...)

This is an attempt at a fix to the Wolf model and hair files.

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I seem to be having a problem where everytime I try to interact with him, the game freezes up, and im forced to close it. Any ideas what I could do to fix it?
  First of all, remove the two modded files and see if the same problem occurs. If it does *not* occur with the original state, try only using only one of the files at a time. You will certainly see problems with the creature's body when using just one of the files, but the game will still work (he'll survive, don't worry.). Tell me if it only happens with either the CHA or the CSK file, or only when both are used in tandem.

  Second, what video card do you have? Geforce/Radeon/Matrox/Intel and the model.

  Third, what kind if interaction? Do you mean reward/punish interaction, leash interaction, or creature battles?
  If it is the reward/punish interaction, do you notice that your hand seems to 'go through' the creature or does it stay on the creature correctly? If it does indeed go through the creature, this is a problem, but also notice if the game only crashes when you 'go through' the creature AND the hand is over the sky while being 'through' the creature... hehe.

  Nothing in either the CSK or CHA file should cause crashing unless the file is malformed, but then it should crash for everyone. However there is one possibility that the above questions may lead to.. and I hope isn't the case or I need to create a whole second set of models.


   EDIT: I noticed the problem. Just by bad chance, it happens that in certain tests I only 'rewarded' the creature, never punished, hehe. The hard punishing is what crashes it.
   EDIT2: Aaaannd.. it seems a section of the file I thought was abandoned is used to calculate bruising or something like that. I'm going to have to figure out how that data in the CSK file is generated. I would bet that the game will crash in creature battles, too. I don't know how I missed that, doh.
   The CSK file has been fixed and tested, I hope. Try it and see if the problem is solved.

Much better! The creature does now respond to punishment without a crash, and as far as I have noticed, battle causes no problems. Bravo!
   I improved the tangent calculation for imported figures. It will get rid of the slight light-reflection seams and improve the normal map application (also very slightly..). I'm going to wait to update the download until I finish revamping the imports to see if there needs to be other small improvements.

This is great! It's nice to see the wolf looking more like it was intended to.
Didn't the tiger have a similar problem too?