what type of god are you

what type of god are you

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  • nutral god

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  • evil god

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  • cookie god

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he uses a translater and also if your evil hes the embodiment of good he still kills people
Im sereious about that file.  :(I'm on the second land! When the guide died, I tried healing him! And evil gods and good gods speak the same langueage!
I don't have any pics, nor do i know how to take a pic. But Im serious. Oh and I changed my creature to the ape via creature changer.  :angel  And if I need a web cam, I don't got one.  :(
you dont need one when you get it were you  want press the print screen botton the open paint there will be  a square in the upper right click on it then right click on the place were you normaly draw  and put paste
you just press tab alt together and the game will minisize then open paint and do the things i told you
Try using GrabClipSave to capture your screenshots. You gon't need to close the game, just press PrintScreen while playing and it will save the image to a folder of your choise. Fraps will do the same and as well it displays your frame rate.
now THAT is much easeir than what ive been doing no more wating 3 minutes for the game to minisize thanks kays
Oh my god.... I mso evil i probably almost extinct my civilisation from worship and tossing people and hitting theyre buildings with stones...
Also,,, my creature can cause a lot of damage! I use that awesome creature editor "Kong"...
My creature is 100% Evil, Hes an Ape... And so far hes learned the lightning and fire Miracle!
I know I went so crazy on level 2... My whole entire population got whiped out. So i need to take dead Khazars civilization... lol
:devil :devil :devil :devil Im Evil  :devil :devil :devil :devil
my tiger is the envy if evil gods because he knows mega blast increase :yes took 2 days to teach it :yes  but he and i are good it makes things easy cause in land 2 before a took the first village my influence was all the way to lethys temple  just by building and healling and 2 wonders

(khasars village stores help with wood and food, you can also take his villagers by grabing them and putting them close to your village center)
and do all the people here use caches and kong?
do you guys raise your own creature or use those?
I don't cheat, and I don't use glitchy programs. I use the Extreme Growth Map.

Also, I raised an ape to full size and then backed up the file before teaching him anything, so I can always go back to that file, use a creature changer, and start anew. The only problem is that I can't change the name of the god, but that's fine.
There are problems with Kong'd  or Cache'd  creatures.  I won't go into details but this old saying springs to mind " cheats never prosper"  you may make short term gains, but in the end you loose out.