what type of god are you

what type of god are you

  • good god

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  • nutral god

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  • evil god

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  • cookie god

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Ill admit its fun to kill but when i saw my creature scared of a fire ball i stopped for him when he looked at me like he was the god punishing. That cow did the curious look of which was like as if he was telling me of.
thats why you should teach your creature good spells
like my tiger
2.hea increase
6.physical shield(used it once)
7.spiritual shield(he used this one but not anymore)
8.forest(took a whole day to teach him)
9.fire ball(for battles)
11.strenght creature(battles)

how bout your creture
This topic sure went off topic fast...

Um, er...

I believe that a neutral god with a slight bias towards good is the most efficient way to go. Take care of your own villagers just enough until they can take care of themselves, then torch a nearby neutral village and quickly put out the fires, then repair any damages done, followed by another torching. They should be converted quicker than a 100% good or 100% evil approach, unless of course, you have access to mega blast.

When it comes to fun, there is no doubt that  :devil is the way to go, though. I like to toss people straight into the air, and then zap them with lightning on the way back down.
na for some reason i cant kill any one with out feeling guilt and good is waaaaaaaaayyyyyy better i have fun building things healing people evt. and in most of the lands before i touch the second village my influence has half of the land :p ect ,land 2 i build 3 huge wonders (those things were huge and required alot of wood)
You make it sound like you are trying to argue with me about it. I just posted my opinion on it. I'm not trying to convert you.  ???
There is already a topic about this, and, aren't you people overeactin with these  :devil and :angel?  ???
Atually, I have 1 file out of 3 where I'm good. Do I get a cookie?  :cookie :cookie :cookie :cookie :cookie :cookie :cookie :cookie :cookie :cookie :chef
I'm sereious! My creature is so good, it's green! (It's a mandrill.) Where's my cookie? :cookie :cookie Or maybe a  :muffin: :pie :balloons