What alignment is your creature?

my bw2 lioness is neutral/ a bit good and my BOTG turtle is 100% evil.  :devil
Mine are all neutral-good or good because I can't seem to stick to evil :0
it is hard being evil in bw2, because yo uwant your city to loo kgood and i usually accept migrations because i need to extra people, but in BOTG with so many attacks and so on it is easier.i went custom and im stil lwell on my way to evil (i also have somehow reached city ststus of 300 population with a tiny little town )
My BW1 creature is angelic.  I like how he shines. :)

I played BW2 with both a good and an evil creature.  I like to play good so most of the time I have a good creature.
My Black & White 1 creature is neutral and I like it that way  :)

My Black & White Creature Isle is evil!Bwahaha  :angry:

As for Black & white 2 I had some problems so...No creature.Bah!  :suspect
All my creatures are 100% evil. lol, although sometimes I set out to be good then somethings pisses me off so i kill everything :p
*Ahem* Language *Cough*  My B&W 2 Tiger is a good ghost Tiger ( thanks jackmix69)

My B&W 1 Turtle is angelic.
My wolf on B&W2 is an evil destructive war machine and he doesn't stop being as destructive as ever on BOTG's.
my bw1 tiger was always evil he just wouldnt stop killin off my villages

but my bw2 tiger was usually good but somehow he stayed good but went on killing sprees of my greeks :p
eh, good is always good. that way he can take care of your job while you reak havoc! if hes evil, he'll just screw things us.
My creature is  :angel , if rather boring as an individial. But hey, it's only 2007. What can Iexpect?
every creature ive ever had is evil. its just so much fun to watch people burn... :laugh2
Bad :D
Of course, some creatures are cool when they're bad, like the pantera.
If I get my creature back he's good.  I actually trained a Tiger once, no help, to be a good tiger.  No really!  Don't look at me like that.  I didn't use ONE trainer, Kong, creature switch, special map, etc.  So he snuck off behind my back every now-and-then to eat someone.  At least it was in someone else's village!  I think...

But even with that he was still purple.  A goofy looking thing that would breed people and then water them.  For some reason he thought it helped the babies grow faster, I'm almost sure of it.

So, in the end...  I traded out for a Lion, George.  Couldn't believe the difference.  George actually would water trees.  What a difference  :D

mine are 100% EVIL but i have 1 neutral cow because no matter how hard i try i can't make him evil
hey this is how you get the cow evil tether him up to the creach with at least a ligning or fire ball or some thing my favorite is the MB :devil :woot