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Kays' Place is no more; unfortunately the website that was home to Black and White has fallen into an irreparable state, so BWFiles has been made to salvage what was left, over the past few years I've salvaged and patched what I could from Kays' Place to bring you this.

All the file downloads from Kays' Place are here and can be accessed from the files part of the main menu - the downloads system is currently in read-only mode as I've had to hastily put this site together from the broken pieces of old Kays' Place data and code, hopefully I can enable the system to accept file uploads again in the near future, but for the time being you can only download files.

All users, threads and posts have also been salvaged from Kays' Place, so if you previously had an account there, you will be able to log in here with the same details.

As the Black and White franchise ages, it gets harder and harder to keep it running on our modern systems, here are a couple of threads that will let you play the games to their true potential on modern systems:

* Running Black and White on Windows 7/8/10
* Running Black and White 2 (and BotG) on Windows 7/8/10

Once again, this site has been put together hastily, not everything will work as intended right away, please reply to this thread if you see something that isn't quite working right and I'll fix it asap.


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Feb 14, 2023
Same as Nym... many many years later, I'm still playing and enjoying this beautiful game. I've been looking through the entire internet for modding and scripting resources and I have to say I'm so grateful to the committed people who made all these tools and tutorials. Cheers!
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