Tips for Balancing Resource Management in BW


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May 13, 2024
Hey all, been on a bit of a StarCraft: Brood War kick lately! Loving the classic feel, but man, that resource management is a whole other beast. I keep getting stuck with too much of one thing and not enough of another, which messes up my entire build order.

Anyone have some pro-tips for keeping things balanced in the mid to late game? Especially looking for ways to prioritize what to build and how to spend my resources efficiently.
I also check this :

Hit me with your best advice, war stories, anything that might help a noob out! Thanks in advance, and good luck on the ladder!
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You posted in BW (1), but then you link a post on BW 2 forum. Which version of the game are you talking about?

Also your post contains a non pertinent link to a 3rd party website, beware!
some pro-tips for keeping things balanced in the mid to late game
  • Define your key stats when balancing games
  • Fun & Interesting Gameplay which increases the depth of the game
  • Variety to allow different play styles or combinations to play the game
  • Freshness, to make the game feel fresh with add on, new content, or with surprising moments
I hope this will help you,