The Future Room...


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Apr 20, 2022
Edit: I realized after the fact I probably should have asked about this on Fataled's huge reasearch post. Apologies, lol.

So I've been doing weeks of digging and while skimming through the Prima guide, I found the first explanation for the Future Room I've ever read. I never knew what this room was for and now that I do, I have to wonder if Lionhead ever actually took advantage of it in any way or if they just bailed on it in favor of B&W2. At the very least, I wonder if they even had any ideas for it.

So, anyone know anything more about this room or is it just more of Molyneux's teasing? If it was never used, I kinda want to see if it can be repurposed. :D


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May 30, 2022
As far as anyone can tell it was going to be used for the Creature Island expansion but they never bothered. Thus it ended up being useless. It can theoretically be modified and/or repurposed just based on it being accesable in the game files and the current modding tools, the question is to what end would it be used?