Setting Towns Impressiveness Required to Capture Values and Town Names.


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Oct 21, 2022
Hi all you beautiful souls that are keeping this masterpiece alive!

I've recently decided to start playing the game again and been working on a personal project to make the official lands a little more interesting.
So far, I've been able to create some new towns using the Landscape Editor, they show up in-game no problems but when hovering over the towns, The names are defaulted to: NID Not in Database (BUG!) and the impressiveness required to capture is usually a very high number.

Eg, Land 3 where the value is set to 8000-8500 impressiveness to the official towns, the new ones are around 13000 even for tiny settlements.

Anyways, I'm not afraid to get dirty and learn how to achieve this; just wanting to ask the forums for some pointers.

I suppose if someone could share what files/scripts are responsible for the in-game Town Names and if there is a way to change the Migration threshold values; I'd be very grateful.


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