script to install, play, backup profiles, backup creature, and more, on Linux


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May 2, 2024

This is currently meeting my needs, but the approach may be questionable. The script rolls through a very standard install process, starting from the original installer (provided by user), downloading any missing patches, and patching up to 1.42. You will still have to click "OK", "yes", "I agree", etc, many many times in a row.

If you just run the script with no arguments, it will run the install routine if not yet done, then it will launch the game.

Backup and restore work for both profiles and creatures, but in different ways. Profiles are assumed to be backed up periodically, to allow rollback in case of corruption, so multiple slots are kept. Creatures are assumed to be backed up in case of disaster, with no rollback capability, so only one slot per creature (per profile) is kept. That met my needs, but it does not necessarily make sense. Each profile backup contains all the current profiles, all the current creatures, and (probably) all relevant registry entries.

I think when you restore a creature by name it might not set the in-game creature name, although it tries.

Creature Isle can be installed and played, but no backup and restore features for that are implemented, yet. Some very similar code to what exists could probably get it done. Merge requests are welcome.

I would also love to hear if you get any use out of this.


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