Redux Mod for Black & White 2


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Replaying B&W2 for the first time in nearly 10 years and I can't wait to getting round to trying this.


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quick question, how do i make this mod work for botg, or are the maps from botg inserted into b&w2 with this mod?
also, most of the scrolls on gods playground show me to leave the land? why are there so many? what do each of them do?

Edit: never mind, apparently each of those scrolls are for options and clicking each of them once show what they do, most of them are for skirmish maps... and i read somewhere else that this mod is NOT for BOTG but has some of those maps transferred to B&W2.

Also, beware, after your city grows too high in population, saving causes the game to crash (dont know hard cap but seems to be above 500 or so)... finishing the land and saving on the next land doesnt seem to crash however. havent tried distibuting the villagers into other villages... yet.
Edit2: Distributed villagers around a little... didnt crash while saving... then again my main village was around 950 adult population and the save succeeded. so.... i dont know. The save did fail some time after that but... im clueless what could have caused it.
(spoilers): I did see someone complain about the "infidels" quest about it not having any directions to follow,SPOILER taht rof dekrow llorcs eht ot txen elpmet eht no kcor a gnippord ekil smees (read backwards for spoiler. sorry, dont remeber how to make a spoiler.)


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Where the hell is the last sheep?!

I found 3/4 and checked every damn inch of the island and can't find the last one lol.