Play As Aztecs mod (2.0) released


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Jun 27, 2024
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Allows you to play as the Aztecs. Place contents of Data folder inside your BW2 Data folder.This mod should work for B&W2;, any patches, including Fan Patch 1.4 and B&W2; redux mod, as well as Battle of the Gods. But do report everything. This is not necessarily the first "switch aztecs and greeks" mod (maybe?) but it is much more elaborate and complete than any other, also better bugfixes.

Cosmetic changes:
- Uses Aztek Ghost Armies (main swordsmen), but also living armies.
- Uses Aztek living villagers.
- Uses Aztek siege engines (I guess, they all look the same to me).
- Uses Aztek banners (now it is true, also edited and enhanced banners).
(bug)- Much as in the Japanese mod, the default flag for the Catapult refuses to change.
-- Enemy uses Greek structures.
NotYet--- Uses Evil version rather than Neutral one?
-- Enemy uses Greek banners. (fixed)
-- Enemy uses Greek armies. (NEW)
(This only changes the original Aztec enemy, Japanese enemy for example is unchanged.)
Base game changes:
- Balance is altered
-- Refining has much higher output (used to be nearly useless). Although I can't really validate if it actually even works for ores at all (even without my changes).
-- God alignement points changed.
- Important Aztek buildings may have costs and properties altered (for example, Mansion only costs Stone, and is Evil).
Changes from last version:
- Amelliorated the high costs in Ore that modded game used to have, as to be less punishing overall.
-- This also affects AI.
- Refined god alignement balance points.
- Skyscrapers lodge more Adults, but less Children, per story (3/1 from 2/2).
- Baseline Hovels host more Children but less Adults (2/2 from 3/1).
- Pike is big impressive statue, so it gives positive impressiveness (but is more expensive and also costs Ore).
- New Aztec old people's home, based on retextured Prison (that's what those places essentially are anyways).
- Some stuff costs less tribute to unlock, specially the Wonders. The game was otherwise really grindy to replay, and who wants a God game with no replayability?
- Wonders are generally more expensive and more impressive.
- Different Wonders have different build costs and Impressiveness.
- More small balance changes.
- Full Aztec loading screens for extra immersion. Over 27 unique designs.
PS: I have received some reports that this crashes on Battle of the Gods so use at own risk in that circunstance. It works in Black and White 2 and modded Redux, also with added BOTG spells probably.
I recommend getting EITHER the Redux Mod OR the BOTG Miracles Mod and install one of them before this one
(they will not work correctly both at the same time, but any of them can be combined with this mod).

PD: Switched file for ZIP since that is seemingly better to compress some image types.