Picture cut off as soon as resolution is higher than 800x600


New member
Jun 12, 2020
Hi guys,
i have the problem (and I read about several people who have the same issue), that my picture is cut off. But only in Fullscreen-Mode.
In WindowMode, i dont have that problem. I cant play in windowmode though, because I always leave the window with my mouse unintentionally.

Here were my install-steps.

- Installed B&W
- Patched to 1.10 , then 1.20, and then the Fanpatch 1.4

I have only 1 Screen (2560x1440 native).
If i set the resolution in the Setup to 800x600 its working, but its REALLY pixelated and ugly as you can imagine.
If i set the resolution to anything higher than that, the screen is cut off. I tried every possible resolution, Windowed-Mode/Fullscreen-Mode.
Nothing solves my problem.

I have a Geforce 1080 TI, if that matters.

Does anyone know, what I could do?