Online multiplayer?


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Dec 28, 2020
Hey guys, new on this forum.
Me and my friends want to play multiplayer online with each other. I'd like to ask whether it is anyway possible and if yes, do you guys have some elaborate guide how to make it work?
Thanks for any advice in advance, Cheers :)
Hi everyone,

Installation for the Game Black and White 1:
Like Matt wrote,

How to play Online (Black and White 1) with (virtually) LAN - Local Area Network:

Download -> Radmin VPN
Install -> Radmin VPN
Maybe you have to reboot.

Start -> Radmin VPN,
then go to the Network Tab -> click "Create New Network" <- self-explanantory
Or "Join an Existing Network" -> Private or search a Gaming Network like Black and White 1 -> tap Join

You and someone else (your Friend) are connected with an Network.
You can try to send a Ping -> Right-Click on the Name
Ping was answered from ...? Yes. Good.

(Look the pics)
Now you (and your Friend) start the Game -> click "Join Online Game"
Choose "Local Area Network"
-> then (by default) choose "On your Local Network"

(You and someone else , !!!_Both/Each of you_!!!)
Wait on THAT screen (look pic) for the Name from someone (your Friend) to come -> click on it and join game

The rest is self-explaining

Took me one day to reach the goal. (Because I thought the way to join a game was modern. Nevermind.)
For me it was the easiest way to play Online with a Friend through (virtually) LAN.



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This soluton does not work by itself. First of all you should have Radmin Server installed (Help menupoint -> Install Radmin Server) and restart PC just for case. But after that it is not sure you'll be able to ping each other. I could not figure out why not for now.

EDIT: Well pinging and sending messages is another thing then actually be connected to play. So after Radmin Server installation everything worked as N75 has described.
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Thank you for sharing a working way to install and launch the game. I tried to do it several times using instructional videos on the Internet, but unfortunately, I didn't succeed. I may have made a mistake in one of the installation steps. I've played multiplayer games online for many years, but Black and White 1 is still one of my favorites. Thanks to now you can even buy or sell skins. I think many gamers have long dreamed of such a platform, considering how many cases of fraudulent transactions there have been. Thanks again!
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