New PC- Graphic Nightmare


New member
Nov 8, 2021
Hey all,

This site has been a vast help of the years, however always been a lurker.

I just finished building a new PC, Radeon 6900XT and AMD 5900X processor. Thought it would be easy and run exactly as per my previous 7 year old PC.

Installed everything, installed the patches, installed the fan patch. Launched the game, all seemed find, the graphics looked good. Then however came the issue within 10 seconds, texture pops, glitches etc etc, especially when rotating, however if you Alt Tab back to desktop and come back its fine again for about 10 seconds or until you zoom or rotate the camera. I then transferred my profile and its insane now there is actually objects on the map.

Things I've tried.

Different Hard Drive
Changed all GFX settings
Changed Affinity to 1 CPU core only
Limited FPS to 60 only

All of which has had zero effect. Screen shot to show what it looks like after 15secs and ive rotated the camera.

Any help would be amazing, really want to enjoy the game again.