Need some instructions


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Dec 22, 2015
Hey guys, i started playing BaW1 a couple of weeks ago and i need some help to raise my creature as well as possible. My creature is Abel, a 6 years old angelic polar bear; he's 97% strong, 60% fat and his size is maxed. i'm using kays's training map in order to teach him some miracles and to make him a good village keeper but i'm facing some troubles.
First of all i've not the total control of his tiredness and his hunger. I want him to sleep only when he's very tired so i pet him 80% when his tiredness level is about 70%. I do the same whit hunger. When he eats or sleeps under theese levels i slap him 10%. The problem is that sometimes he eats at 10% hunger and after that he eats more and more even though his hunger level is 0% (greedy?). Where am I wrong?

Secondly i'm teaching him some miracles but he doesn't cast all of them. For example i taught him the increased water miracle but he doesn't ever cast it even if i show him with learning leash; he only casts the normal one.

In addiction he poops a bit everywhere (especially on houses) even if i slap him 90- 100%. I want him to poop on rocks but this doesn't happen all the time. To stay on the topic, can i teach my creature to burn poop with fireball? :shocked

Finally i'd like to teach him to build structures when people desire that. is that possible?

I know you probably heard these questions a lot of time but i would really appreciate your help. I searched for some help in old discussions but i've not found solutions to these specific issues (probably my fault).

Any advice?  :help Thanks for attention  :)

P.S. I forgot to say that i've installed 1.1 , 1.2 patches and fan patch