Mouse misbehaves


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Jul 7, 2015
Hey everyone.

I wanted to try to play BoTG as I never played it before, but I encountered a problem where the mouse keeps on stopping whenever it hits anything it can interact with, it moves slowly along diagonal and generally, because of this problem the game is completely unplayable. I know this problem was discussed before, however, I did reduce the mouse polling rate to 125 Hz and also tried other frequencies, but the problem persists. I tried Logitech G402 and R.A.T. 7, both having the exact same problem.

My OS is Windows 7 and the game's version is 1.2.
I had the same problem a while ago.
It stuttered weirdly with a R.A.T 7 and Drakonia Black but with a Zelotes T-80 mouse it works well for me.

Unfortunately I haven't found another solution :(

Please try setting the 'Reporting Rate' for your mouse to 125, you can do this with your mouses software, usually downloaded from the distributors website (ex. Logitech).  :D
To address the issue with the mouse in BoTG (Baldur's Gate: Tales of the Sword Coast) on Windows 7, try adjusting in-game mouse settings and ensure the game version is compatible with your operating system. Additionally, consult related forums or the game's support team for specific troubleshooting steps to resolve the problem. As well as testing your mouse rate and sensitivity, you can also check for misbehaving by using the mouse rate and sensitivity checker tool