Help with being good.


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Jul 10, 2020

First of all, thanks for all the help in this forum, particularly with using the game in modern pc's, you are life savers.

Second, I'm replaying the game once more and wanted to get good at it (pun intended). As in, i've played the game so many times, finished it once, but i've never managed to get the Good God alignment. I know the theory (don't do evil actions, satisfy your people needs, treat your creature well and try it to have a good alignment) but how is that possible in practice? Satisfying resource needs is tedious ''easy'', but i've never been able to satisfy children and home needs, even when the villages get quite big, they just still want more, construction needs is almost always at 100% even though i have no homeless.

So, any help to actually play as a good god in will be welcome. I'm currently in island 2 with all villages captured so i want to see if its possible to get the alignment before jumping to 3.



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Feb 28, 2020
Spam the Healing Miracle once you have built the Japanese Wonder (Land 3)

Other than that, it takes ages to get to the good alignment.


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Aug 1, 2010
As the needs for food goes down, the need for children goes up. You can't get both of them satisfied really - besides causing a short lived mercy desire if you attack them. As your village approaches and exceeds the housing capacity, the expansion desire goes up.

From my experience getting good alignment does go quite slowly, making it even more important to not perform evil acts. You do not need to fulfill child or even expansion requirement if you are happy with the village size yourself. Just don't be mean by letting them starve.

I could presume actually growing your population high would make it easier to build up good alignment since you are having to fulfill the needs of more people and already going through the motions of desire fulfillment. That's just a guess though.

Given the potentially slow pace of land 3, it might be just easier to keep trying for that alignment through natural play.