Genesismod V0.85b *Update* (Extern Link)


Feb 13, 2006
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<div style="float: left; padding-right: 4px;" align="right"> <a href="javascript:void(0)" onmouseover="window.status='Click For a Larger Image'; return true;" onmouseout="window.status=''; return true;" onclick="'/files/index.php?action=image&display=screenshots2/genesismod-logo.jpg','imagewindow','width=768,height=512,directories=no,location=no,menubar=no,scrollbars=no,status=no,toolbar=no,resizable=yes');return false;" target="_self" title="Click For a Larger Image"><img src="/files/screenshots2/thumbs/genesismod-logo.jpg" border="0" alt="genesismod-logo.jpg" title="Click For a Larger Image" hspace="10" /></a> </div>This is a beta version of my Genesismod for B&W CI. <hr />The mod includes the Atlantismod and the Stormymod, who are fixed. The Maps of the Atlantismod are re fixed, so that you can play this islands better. For questions and discussions about my mod you can use this link:
In the Mod is a secret option, to skip a map. At the beginning when you see "Stormys Ankunft" you press the Buttons "L", "V" and "1" at once to activate the secret option. When you have press this buttons, after "Stormys Ankunft" the secret menu appears.

Very fun with my Genesismod
This is a new Version of my Genesismod with a lots of fixes, for example the Epic Wodners and the multipickup and some new Lands to play.

A lots of Bugs are fixed, for example the critical "Runtime error!".

Read the Readme, to see the ne Features and fixes!

I can't upload the new Version of the Genesismod (0.85b) on kayssplace, because the file is bigger than the maximum filesize for Uploads!

You can upload the new Version of the Mod on Megaupload:
WTF? Made my game germanish and then crashed in the loading screen, DO NOT DOWNLOAD. I REPEAT, DO NOT DOWNLOAD. i had uninstall and reinstall the game.
I think, that you are not a expert for B&W or CI! It is correct, that the mod make the game germanish, because i am german. I want to make a english version of my mod, but at first i want to complete my mod, bevore i want to do this! The crash onyour loading screen was a error of "your" game or "your" computer and not of my mod! Or your computer have not enought memory for my mod!
By the way, Kratzean, I also speak fairly reasonable German and I'm an Anglophile (lover of English, English grammar, England and English people), and I have a lot of spare time now, so I could translate just using the scripts, even though I don't have CI, if you have the scripts and if you're still looking for translators.
Is this mod for creature Isle? Sorry if this was told in the read me, but my computer does not have Microsoft Word. this mod works?......ive can i use wonders??
I want to upload in the next time a new Version of my mod, with better features und much error-fixes (for example a critical Save-error)! Amd some features, for example epics and the multipickup are more like the epics and the Multipickup of b&w2!

The most of the Landscapes have a update and the atlantismod islands are updatet! Please wait for the next "more playable" version and don't download this version, ok?
Do you still require translating of the language? I am still willing to help, but I never recieved a file to translate :)
A new Version of the Mod is avaiable! I need Translators for an english Translation!
I am new to B&W mods, custom maps and such, I don't understand a single german word, so I'm looking forward for that english translation :) I plan on using the english version to translate it into my natal language: french, for this, will I only need to translate the infoscript or will there be something else I must do? Also, is it possible to play online with this mod (with someone who has the mod too of course), and am I still able to play downloaded skirmish maps with it?
Sry, better use this version (with extern link):

Next year I want to add a new version of my Genesismod with some bugfixes, adjustments, new maps etc.^^
the link shows us the download but the "** seconds to download" just doesnt work  :no The contdown doesnt move
if you want, i can try to give you a download link?