Game 100% crashes in the cutscene to Land 11 (Black & white 2 Redux )


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Jul 16, 2019
So i did the Level 10 now like 4 times... also couldnt save close to the end because save game crashes so i did need to redo it each time...

I followed the Install guide of Black & white 2 Redux to any detail

reinstalled B&W 2 and more

still it crashes at the 100% same time when the starting cutscene is there after the aztec dude was on screen and the "Good" guy zooms into the picture it crashes.

any fix ?


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Mar 1, 2016
Minor advice: You can leave the land to god's playground after you finished the 10th level and save there. Like that you don't have to repeat the 10 level every time.
For the save game crash: All I know is the game fails to write the file game.sav to the saved games folder. According to my observation the save game crash mostly happens if a single town reaches a particular amount of people. But unfortunately I can't really do anything about it as it is currently.

The other crash is really weird :(
I used your save game files and it worked for me, but I wrote you some possible workarounds at discord.

Edit: Sent him new scripts for land10, so the crash in land10 seems to be fixed in Redux version 1.5