First land evil strategy.


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Dec 20, 2007
I've heard that people find it hard to conquer the aztec god by force in the first land (never mind the other two). Well I can't blame them since shortly after the begining you've got hordes of skeletons that attack you're city and catapults destroying you're walls. Well I've found a good strategy to conquer that bloody zombie hand the evil way and easily.

First of all here is what you should have :

-Heal miracle (this you can kill skeletons by just throwing two heal miracles on them).
-Ranged amory.
-Nursery (to help increase population to get more troops).
-Smelter (to get enough ore to create troops).
-Granary (just in case)

And for you're creature :
-A creature that is good at fighting (I would say either the lion, the tiger or the wolf since they are quite fast).
-Max figting role for the creature (this will make you're creature stronger and more resistant).
-Heal and ligtning miracles for creature.

Right, now you've got what you need, you will have to disable those skeletons to attack you're city. So you will need to destroy those catapults to stop them from getting past those walls. So, send you're creature down to the enemy greek town and destroy those catapults. The aztec god will no create anymore of them so the skeletons won't be able to get past those walls. Make sure that you're creature attacks the catapults and not the troops since it will lose health quite quickly. Once the catapults demolished retrieve your creature and heal it.

Now you are going to need troops, but you will have to deliver the men first. So I suggest you deliver them as soon as possible. As the men escape, the aztec god will make big rocks roll on them, so before he does so, put you're creature in the middle of the way ,and with a bit of luck, the rocks will bounce on you're creature instead of the villagers.

Now that you have you're men back I suggest you create a few troops, say 20. Then send you're creature to one of the small villages at the east of the map to breack down the gates. Send you're troops to conquer the town. The aztec god will through rocksat you're troops. So to stop him doing that, make you're creature attack buildings in that same village. Once you conquered one of the towns, conquere the other one.

You will notice that the skeleton army is still waiting outside you're walls. I suggest you get rid of them now. open you're gates and let them in you're capital. Use the heal miracle on them. This will kill them with a few shots for not a lot of mana, plus it doesn't harm you're town.

Now that there aren't any ennemie troops everywhere, create more troops and send them to conquer the old greek town. Yet again, zombie hand will through rocks at you're troops, plus he will send armies to defend the town. So yet again, send you're creature to cause serious damage to the ennemy troops and building. The aztec god will be more likely to through rocks at the creature.

Now there is only one city left to conquer. Howerever, it would be suicide to send troops directly. Send you're vreature to eradicate the ennemy troops, catapults and creature. Then once there gone, damage the armories and ranged armories to stop him recruting new soldiers (there will however still be skeletons apearing). Now send all your troops to conquer the city. The zombie gorilla will come to attack the troops so use you're creature to stop him. Same for the skeletons.

And there you have it. An easy way to conquer the first land without too much trouble.

If this is useless then never mind. I was bored so at least it past the time. :upside


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Mar 21, 2011
I got allot more simple way of wining the land in a evil way. Build epics all the way to his front gate and use lava to blast his capital off the map. once its a smoking ruin you can a send 20 troops in and take it.  :devil (this post is just a joke)


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Jun 10, 2011
I cheated to win what I did was
1) Changed prices
2) Changed so I can buy infinite troops
3) Built a Epic wonder then fired it on him (Volcano)

4) Bought around 1.2k Troops and sent them out on him :D

However I like your strategy of this if you are not cheating like me ( :D ) Very nice :yourock