Fan Project to learn - How to BW2 Multiplayer


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Apr 14, 2023

i played the game a looooong time ago. Also BW1. Now, 20 years later i wanna play the game with my friends. Today, we play BW1 multiplayer. But we want to play BW2!
I know, there is no Multiplayer out there for BW2 and the files for a modder planned multiplayer got lost. So i need your help.
I dont know how to mod that game. I dont understand something like languages to programming something (C# or something else). But i´m something like a tech freak. I modded some games, but thats only simple things like in the C&C Games where you have programs to open files and and change some codes in .txt files.

It´s hard to believe, nobody in the community will give this game the opportunity to long awaited multiplayer?
Fact (please correct me, if i´m wrong):
- BW2 is totally new coded and has nothing to do with BW1 code but it is very similar
- BW2 has .bwe files with commands or codes like "MULTIPLAYER_DEBUG" (see github/openblack/bw2-modding/file_formats/
- BW1 has a working multiplayer and the modder i mentioned above used this files for BW2

So here are my questions, hopefully to begin a (eventually long) journey to get the multiplayer working.

- How to open .bwe files to code? or how to code that? or how to eventually extract .txt files from .bwe?
- Where are the Multiplayer files from BW1 and how to get that code?
- Does anyone has an idea to get that old game to work in mp?!

I am very thankful for every help out there. I really want to play that game Multiplayer and i think, there is a big community out there who wants to play that game with friends. And everyone deserves it.

And sorry for my bad english.
NP I hope you find some help with this. I'd love to see Mplayer. I'm just now getting working on the child glitch. Not sure why the children wont mature from childhood...
Read it's because of the NOcd exe...