Fan Project to learn - How to BW2 Multiplayer


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Apr 14, 2023

i played the game a looooong time ago. Also BW1. Now, 20 years later i wanna play the game with my friends. Today, we play BW1 multiplayer. But we want to play BW2!
I know, there is no Multiplayer out there for BW2 and the files for a modder planned multiplayer got lost. So i need your help.
I dont know how to mod that game. I dont understand something like languages to programming something (C# or something else). But i´m something like a tech freak. I modded some games, but thats only simple things like in the C&C Games where you have programs to open files and and change some codes in .txt files.

It´s hard to believe, nobody in the community will give this game the opportunity to long awaited multiplayer?
Fact (please correct me, if i´m wrong):
- BW2 is totally new coded and has nothing to do with BW1 code but it is very similar
- BW2 has .bwe files with commands or codes like "MULTIPLAYER_DEBUG" (see github/openblack/bw2-modding/file_formats/
- BW1 has a working multiplayer and the modder i mentioned above used this files for BW2

So here are my questions, hopefully to begin a (eventually long) journey to get the multiplayer working.

- How to open .bwe files to code? or how to code that? or how to eventually extract .txt files from .bwe?
- Where are the Multiplayer files from BW1 and how to get that code?
- Does anyone has an idea to get that old game to work in mp?!

I am very thankful for every help out there. I really want to play that game Multiplayer and i think, there is a big community out there who wants to play that game with friends. And everyone deserves it.

And sorry for my bad english.