Creature gets reset to blank slate in isle 3 startup


New member
Aug 13, 2022
Hi, I've *just recently* managed to get both games running on my system. Finished off Nemesis and all that, then moved on to a six years old profile playthrough on B&W 2.
My issue, to which I haven't found much in terms of solutions (and just a single problem similar to mine), is that while most of everything seems to be working fine, my Creature gets lobotomised as soon as I GoldScroll to Isle 3, right after the second "tutorial" map: all the learned things gone, its appearance altered (never mind that I picked the Tiger and it's a Lion ever since Isle 2).
That one guy who said his Creature had a similar predicament said that fiddling with saving and reloading helped him. No such luck here.
My question is, could my game have been undone by the mere fact I'm using a player profile that was already present on my system? Or, is there something this community knows about the issue that I'm oblivious to?