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BWSurveyor RC2 1.0.0

The designer is an all around useful tool for a novice map designer, or the veteran map conquerer. Easy to use, filled fill USEFUL features, and it actually works! A tool for the the true Black & White player.
This application is terrible. The links in the help files don't work properly which makes the documentation very difficult to read. The documentation also fails to explain how to actually make changes on the map. Instead it talks about selecting brushes and what their specifications are. A step by step guide would be ideal but I was unable to locate one.
Don't waste your time.
I think this program is fantastic! I found it very easy to figure out the controls, and it can easily open and save mod and original maps. I will definitely use this for my maps!
It says (when I open it) "wrong OS or OS version".
Or is the solution kinda simple, get a new OS?
THIS TOOL IS VERY USEFULL!! i can find coordenates very easily, and  sculp the maps, for minimum details.... i hope someone upload the RC3... maybe it contains the "VISUAL SCRIPT EDITOR" ( like on black and white 2 mod tools) =D DDDD  :)
Work ended on this tool many years ago.

The semi good news is that a visual scrip editor of sorts  is around I used to use was World Modifier.

Just a word or  two of warning try to not  mess around with the coast lines, inland water and land is fine. BWS  raises and lowers the ground but CAN NOT add or remove land tiles. World  mod shows sunken tiles as land.
yaay! an visual script editor its necesary, but.... anyone can create an visual-script/world/editor like "identical" to black and white 2 modding tools?
The 2 games are entirely  separate using different game engines.
I wouldn't expect someone to do that back in 2006 when there were many B&W sites with 500,000+ users/modders.
Now in the last part of 2012 this is the last site with the last few members trying to help the few who need it.
New tools are not out of question but who will spend  hundreds or thousands of hours of hours  making them for a single request.