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BnWExpressMapEditor 2.02 1.0.0

Easy enough to use, this editor is definately worth the download if you use low-speed internet. And hey, if you use high-speed, more power to you!
Well i haven't used this program for quite some time and have to say it is worth getting. Takes a little time to get use to but its defenatly worth the time to understand. Top 5 stars.
Which idiot decided to use a version of Installshield so old it won't actually install the application on my Windows XP box? Not only does the setup wizard create 6 separate, floppy-disc-sized installation folders, but (I suspect) it depends on the hard drive being configured to support MS-DOS-compatible filenames (e.g. C:\Program Files must be referrable to as C:\progra~1). Not all of us are marooned in the dark ages, you know.
how do you make a directory im a bit of a novice so explain fully.
It is an editor that allows you to place objects onto a landscape.  Houses rocks trees people etc.
The best way to learn is to look at other peoples work first to see how it works. 
That's how I gained my basic mapping knowledge: by looking at map files. Try looking at the files in the Scripts/Playgrounds directory. Those are the skirmish maps, and studying them should give you an idea on how to use the map editor. Once you've done that, just play around with it and test out different things to get a feel for it. Hopefully that helps a bit.