Black and white 2 beta, or maybe another version?


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Oct 1, 2017
I found quite interesting videos recently on gamestar which shows another, slightly different version of Black and White 2.The colour of light of the hand is blue - One of many examples. Of course I consider that there would be a pre-alpha or beta version. I am just curious about that and tried to find out informations on my own, but haven't found anything yet. I've got also another question: Has anyone ever played Black and White 2 on Mac? Does it differ from the normal pc game ?

This is the video:



Mar 18, 2003
As you say, the game had many versions during development.  Unfortunately, as was the case with many games made by Lionhead, they had to cut short development due to financial constraints.

In B&W2's case, they were arranging for the company to be bought out and this would have secured their financial future.  For reasons unknown, the deal fell through after the company had already made a lot plans depending on that succeeding.  Without the cash to invest in continued development, they had to take what they had, polish it up into a complete-able game an release it.

No one can say really what other features they had planned, but it was fairly agreed that the game (at the very least ) could have done with some more work.

That said, it was still fun to play :yourock: