Black and White 1, 2, BoTG Patches

Merry Christmas :) I've just finished the fan patch for BW2: BoTG and have created user friendly installers for both Black & White 1 and 2. These patches include various bug fixes to make the Black and White series run as smoothly as possible on your new modern systems. Downloads and support threads are below, have fun :cool:

* Black and White 1 - Fan Patch v1.41
* Black and White 2 - Fan Patch v1.4
* Black and White 2 BoTG - Fan Patch v1.1

* Running Black and White on Windows 7/8/10
* Running Black and White 2 (and BotG) on Windows 7/8/10

Is anyone interested in Creature Isle enough for me to patch that too?


Kirays said:
Do the Black & White 2 patches include bug fixes as well?

There's only a couple of changes in the patches, but a lot of bugs would probably be fixed as subsequent to the changes. Mostly graphical issues at most though.


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I'm certainly interested in creature isle!
Anyways, I'm pleased to say that the epic miracle camera issued was resolved with that patch. It's nice to see that volcano again.
Only thing was that alignment seems to be stuck, at least for trying to have good alignment. It simply won't increase. Creature alignment is fine.


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Hey! I recently purchased the disc copy of b&w 1 and 2 and didnt know that it isnt supported on windows  10. Ive looked into these patches to be able to play them but im new to pc gaming and dont understand how to do it. Could someone please offer more detailed step by step on how to get this working for both b&w 1 and 2? Thank you so much


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Hello and welcome! :)

Follow the steps described in these two threads carefully.

The first link is for the original Black & White and the second for Black & White 2 with its expansion Battle Of The Gods.
The one thing that isn't noted in the second thread is that you might need to place the patches into the main game folder before trying to execute them.
That's atleast what I had to do.

Good luck and if you have any questions or issues arrising feel free to ask us.


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A "Patch", to play creatureisle (like B&W1) in windowed mode, without using the D3DWindower would be fine.

Because with the D3DWindower, the mouse don't works perfectly and sometimes (if i minimize the game), the game crashes.


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I definitely am interested in a Fan Patch for Creature isle. I got the other games in the Black & White Series to all work in my Windows 7 32 bit OS but i can't get Creature Isle to load up. It just spins and does nothing. So frustrating. Please please can u patch that too like the other games so I can play it on my System. I'm sure others are having the same problems. :(


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I just stumbled upon these marvelous patches and had to instantly register only to be able to write these two cents..:

1] Thank you very much for making these available. You are doing "God's Work" (pun intended).

2] I would like to say that I ould LOVE to see a patch for Creature Isle as well... Currently I am using all three patches and would love to have one in the same vein for Creature Isle as well!

Keep up the good work!
Greetings from Germany.


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I love you for this, you helped me revive my most favorite game of all TIME! check out my stream @   


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I for one would love a Creature Isle patch!
I've managed to get it running on Win10, but it looks like I'm having the issue with the graphics being set to low. Fan patch solved that issue immediately for Original B&W, so I'd love a CI one!

Thank you so much for patching these. It's allowing me to re-play one of my favourite childhood games!


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I just decided to try to get Black & White up and running on windows 10 and found these patches.  Unfortunately I cannot get Creature Isle up and running.  I would love to see everything working in windows 10 if possible.


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Hey guys! Just wanted to say hell yes to all these black and white mods. Love the question to create an account...!  :D

The one question I have for the world of eden; Is there a Black and White 2 multiplayer? If not, why hasn't it been done? Is there a reason or just the work it takes?

No judgment, I can't do anything like that. So yeah, just curious. I'm going to keep looking around, but yeah. Thanks all!


No Black & White 2 Multiplayer, there exists some code in the game itself that suggested they were working on it - but I think they simply didn't do it out of time constraints being put on them around the time Microsoft acquired them. Modding it in would be a huge difficult task.


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Yes !!! I'd rest easier knowing that a CI patch made by yourself exists. I'm beyond delighted with the other patches, why not complete the set ( he says having no knowledge of coding or how laborious the making of such a patch would be..)


Oh, i have the original bw2 and bott and never got compatibility problems, i use an ryzen 1800x and a gtx 1080 Ti, the game runs perfect.

  I want an patch for botg to make it work properly without glitches, botg crashes randomly, epic wonder powers appear kilometters away where you cast them (they go crazy and casts in an corner, underwater) , a ton of other bugs too.


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For me, the fan patches (plus compatibility mode AND setting affinity) fixed every single problem in the game bar one:

the random crashes and the crash on save/deleting of saves issue. Nothing offered here has fixed that issue and it stops the game being playable. I have never gotten past the first norse land due to this, keep getting kicked back a few hours no matter what i do. Is there any known way to fix this? Iv wanted to play this game or so many years. Such love for the series.

I have installed as admin, i run as admin, and have followed all instructions and possible fixes offered on the forums to date that i can find.


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Yes, absolutely! CI runs on Windows 10 but looks horrible. And thank you so much for your enthusiasm and good work!