B&W2: BoTG Sandbox Mod-Map Idea


New member
Sep 10, 2015
I would love to see a sandbox mod-map that would include all races, being the Greeks, the Norse, the Japanese, the Aztecs, and the Egyptians.  In this mod-map, you would start off with just a Greek village of 20, and you'd have to impress or conquer the other tribes of the map (also each being a village of 20), and you'd either simply play it as a sandbox OR a pseudo-sandbox, with Xeotl (the normal enemy-god in the game) being in control of the other tribes...except yours.  Additionally, the size of this mod-map would be immense.  I could do the map-making, though I can't script worth a darn.  Pls hlp, o mighty Internet!