B&W1 Visual C++ Crashes On Saves, Stuck Land 3+ [Edited/Updated: 14/11/2019]


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I'm aware that this is a long shot and that every other mention of this has had either no fix or no answer, but I have to try.
As a kid I never made it past land 3/4, as an adult, I have always since wanted to pick the game back up and complete it myself without just watching a playthrough on youtube. It seems a lot of people are having the same troubles I am now, having installed B&W on a modern PC and discovered that it works great, until it doesn't. There are occasionally random crashes but they're hardly anything to worry about if you save often.

Which leads to the main problem:
"Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library "Runtime Error" on runblack.exe"
All kinds of saves can cause this C++ Crash, Manually saving in the Save Room of the temple, quicksaves, interval autosaves, exit saves, story autosaves due to finishing the land.
Eventually saves get corrupted, or Visual C++ causes the game to CTD when saving, it might only happen sporadically at first, but for me it's ended up becoming 30 minutes apart and then 15 and now 5, I can barely make any progress now and I'm stuck on Land 3, with autosaves turned off in the menu, I even managed to make it to the end of Land 3, but attempting to go through the portal to land 4 caused a forced autosave and C++ didn't like that, 3 hours progress lost, and there's no way to turn those forced autosaves off like there is the 30 minute interval ones. (That I know of, would love a way to if someone knows.)

For anyone who would like extra details on my setup:
I'm using win 10 pro 64x with 16gb ram, a gtx 1060 6gb gpu, and i5-8400 @2.8ghz cpu. Compared to 15 years ago trying to play this game, these mid-tier pc specs would kick any PCs ass, and with the current tutorial available here as pinned on the main page. The game runs super well besides the obvious crashes.
I use quicksaves rather regularly, I have heard someone mention that can be a bad thing, so if that somehow is the issue, I would love to hear how and why and if that is the case.
I have installed creature isle and all the extra creatures and addons, however not actually put any of them to use except for the villager banter, which is kinda passively always in your ear.
I have even seen that some people believe building football/soccer fields can corrupt saves after a bit, however never built one.. I have no clue what to do here, someone for the love of god please help.

As for potential fixes:
I believe the issue is present within B&W1 and how it was made and is incompatible with modern systems. However updating or downgrading or reinstalling every version of directx, .net framework and visual c++ sadly does not help nor change anything and neither does using the dgvoodoo2 wrapper.

I have heard some people mention trying Virtual PCs, and while it can potentially work, virtualmachines have issues with performance and directdraw/direct3d rendering capabilities.
Virtualbox does not allow directx7 which the game is built on, and vmware only allows 128mb vram, and does not have the option of GPU pass-through which allows your modern GPU to power it instead of the virtual gpu. Because of this, virtual pcs at least for this game have low performance, and run the game about as well as my pc did when I was 10, which is to say.. even the lionhead logo intro had only around 10fps before I could even get into the gameplay, and even then the gameplay was maybe only 20-30fps, which makes the cutscenes and tutorials such a bother to get past.

So if all of that doesn't work, what now?:
I have spent the last whole week trying to find alternative ways of getting this done, and I'm about ready to give up and watch you tube or try to start B&W over again on Win 10 having deleted my existing profile, disabled interval autosaves, unbound my quicksave hotkey so I don't use them at all, and then completely do-over land 2 and 3 again, hoping it somehow will reduce the chances and/or frequency of a C++ crash, limiting myself to manual Save Room saves and ones forced by completing story scrolls or entering a portal to the next land.
If I have any luck with the trying again, I'll update here and let everyone know what I did differently incase it can help you, but there's only so much effort everyone's willing to put into this.


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Figured this warranted a new post, even though I'm not all the way through, I'm currently able to play with no c++ errors thus far somehow, and have made it to land 5 twice, which was impossible for me the first one or two runs I did.

As for what I did:
As previously mentioned also tried to reinstall old software like directx7, .net framework 1.1 and c++ versions going back 2002-2005 (which were not meant for win10 and win10 is supposed to be able to cater to older program needs with newer software)
I added the 64x dgvoodoo2 wrapper on latest version into the b&w folder so it runs with the game
At this point continuing my previous profile/saves did not work, so I backed it up, deleted it all frome the Profiles folder, and started over, new profile, new game, new saves, new creature.
I kept autosaves turned on (by mistake, albeit one that doesn't matter)
Changed my hotkey for quicksave and quickload (none were made or used)

All my saves are auto or manual, in my follow up runs that have worked, I made sure not to over expand every single village to ungodly amounts like I did the first run, and I have not created any new villages via a size 5 scaffold placed down to create a new village..

If I'm being completely honest, I have no idea what caused it to break in the first place, or fixed it in the end, but I'm having luck finally being able to work through land 5 now and complete the game, I'll probably edit an update in here at the end if/when I do finish land 5, but I hope something helps someone else if they have same problem.


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So, after 10-15 years, I've finished Land 5, I've beaten the game, it's been a long and frustrating week, that was some bull**** if I do say so myself, but it worked all the way through with no c++ crashes, there were a few random ctds from like a miracle being cast when a cutscene or something happens, but that's no biggie, rarely happened at all and didn't ruin anything or corrupt any saves, so that's that for this, I'll keep an eye out here incase there's a reply, but otherwise..

BLACK & WHITE 2 TIME YAY god i hope it doesn't have as much problems or i swear..