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    Land 2 Sandbox (Herolich2 Edit)

    herolich2 submitted a new resource: Land 2 Sandbox (Herolich2 Edit) - A edited version of the land 2 sandbox map Read more about this resource...
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    Fallout 4 question

    This is out of sheer curiousity leave your reasons below, and i might make polls for the other characters
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    GODCAT lion skin

    herolich2 submitted a new resource: GODCAT lion skin - This mod replaces your lion with Godcat, so you can reclaim this world for cat kind. Read more about this resource...
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    Harmys building sandbox herolich2 edit

    herolich2 submitted a new resource: Harmys building sandbox herolich2 edit - This is a edited version of Harmy's building sandbox, because I felt like it. Read more about this resource...
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    What is originally in the ART file

    Alright, let's try again. I want to plat B&W2 but every time I try to play it loads for a bit, and then crashes. I think the issue lies in the Data folder, more specifically the Art folder. I want to know what's originaly in that folder, so I can fix it again by deleting everything that isn't...
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    I need data files

    Yesterday I wanted to play some B&W2, But everytime I loaded an save or started a new game, the game just kept crashing during loading,. I suspect that it has something to do with some or many of the files in the data files, so I'm requesti... No BEGGING to get an copy of the data files. (I...
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    Game corrupts itself over time

    It always happens eventually. I can't go use save's, can't do skirmish, and can't go to the next land. every time I do this and quit the game, it says that the program stopped working. Specs: I run the original with all patches and the fan patch. I also have creature isle installed, and...
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    Worshipers are dumber then rocks!

    I'am on land 6 and I made some people into disciple worshipers to charge up my epic miracle, but the true miracle is that when I try to assign them they go to the worship site instead of the miracle, and if i try to destroy it they won't even acknowledge the existence of the epic. Is this a...
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    Files with no download link.

    I wanted to download: Land 10 V1 - The forgotten Aztec Land, but there is no Download button. and I can't comment about it. Help!