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    Game still degrades and stops working over time, 3rd time this year.

    Just FYI, using mounted disc on virtual clone, game stops working within a month, gets to land 5 or so, last time land 4, then crashing after the startup screen or random places in the game.  Using fanpatch, same when I played BOTG, got to last land, crashes after letting a few volcanoes go...
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    Help. cant make them breed.

    Update, dl'ing the CD iso files just made everything worse.  Now it doesn't run period.  Going back to deviance install.
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    Help. cant make them breed.

    Currently dl'ing a different copy, one that uses virtual CDs instead of one big ISO file.  If that fixes it, Ill come back and let ya know.
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    No longer after reinstallation can I create disciples

    Dont skip the tutorials on creating disciples.  Fixed.
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    Mouse misbehaves

    Same here, turned my mouse sensitivity up to almost maxed... fixed.
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    Help. cant make them breed.

    This happened a couple years ago to me, so I used the deviance cracked file.  That fixed it.  Then last week, they stopped growing again.  I have the CDs, the originals, but they are too scratched up.  I've seen various recent posts about this, use a "no cd" crack, or "get a legit copy", and I...