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    Additional tribes

    The Indian and African tribe look exactly the same, it might be possible to replace one of them to add an additional tribe. Not sure if the game use the same files for both or different ones, I'm new to mod this game and only experimented with maps yet. But if it uses the same files, it might...
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    Running Black & White on Windows 10

    To add to my post: I tried again but this time I've installed the game to the C drive and into a folder that don't have & and () symbols and now it works! There's still no text on the loading screen but the profile creation appeared this time and there's text everywhere else. And what really...
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    Running Black & White on Windows 10

    Just found this thread and it seems it's not only me who have problems. I have an old PC with Windows XP and an original CD, patch 1.2 with Safedisc DRM works perfectly and I've played through story mode twice. I thought I could try multiplayer mode but my other PC is a modern one with Windows...