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    Running Black & White 2 on Windows 10

    Yes! Its working, villagers are aging properly and even the audio is playing back correctly. For anyone trying to get it working but is getting caught up following the old guide on Myabandonware I will share what I did to get it working. Install guide working 2021 Download the B&W2 iso from...
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    Running Black & White 2 on Windows 10

    Oh right thank you, I was following the (Outdated I guess) guide on myabandonware, I will give it another go in the morning, thanks for the assistance.
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    Running Black & White 2 on Windows 10

    Also having the issue of population not aging and I've installed all the patches, done a fresh install and reinstalled all the patches but cant get it to work
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    Black & White 2 Unofficial Patch v1.42

    So I've installed these patches following the guide on the Abandonware main page and the game is running ok but I noticed that during install land 5 was skipped so I dont know if that will be an issue in the future but the main problem is that none of my villagers are aging which is said to be...