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  1. Exlxaaxl

    Black and White 1.42 is using Intel iGPU instead of my Nv GTX 1650

    Have you attempted disabling your integrated graphics card? Maybe if it didn't have that as an option to use it would default to your Nvidea card. Sorry to hear your having trouble. I don't know if this will work, but you did say any help is appreciated. That's what I would try :p
  2. Exlxaaxl

    Black & White 2 Unofficial Patch v1.42

    Oh ok, well thank you for all your hard work. I remember i bought this game when i was 12 years old, it was actually the first game i ever bought with my own money. It's so cool to find there are still people after all this time still working to improve the game and make it more fun. Thanks for...
  3. Exlxaaxl

    Black & White 2 Unofficial Patch v1.42

    In the patch notes, it says the tiger, the zombie ape, and the turtle were added as creatures. I could only find the tiger, hiding behind all the other creatures (the original 4) when starting up a new game. Anyone know how to make the zombie ape as your pet? I even tried going into my save...