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    B&W Ultimate mod issue

    Sadly I never played the Ultimate mod, so I can't say - although this behaviour does seem like a bug.
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    Problem with creature leash

    Hi! Have you tried pressing the L key? What is not appearing, the leash or the creature? Was all this working on land 1?
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    want some help with mod order

    Awesome guide. The patches and mods really enhance the experience.
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    How to modify spells?

    The info.dat file is a binary file, which means you cannot read it the same way as a text file. The content is zeros and ones, and opening it in a text editor will make it look like gibberish. You need a hex editor to edit that type of file, like HxD for example. Once you open the file in the...
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    How to edit player symbols (RAW-file)

    Your collection is insane. Everything is there, neatly categorised :) you probably have the most comprehensive B&W library from the entire internet right now... Thank you for putting this together and sharing it! The Modeling& Texture source you're mentioning is for villagers/trees/objects. I'm...
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    How to edit player symbols (RAW-file)

    Thanks so much for the link! Readme files everywhere are a must :) The really lucky thing is that the Landscape creation kit packed by BlueVandalX contains the source code for Lndromat as well as the .lnd info extractor. That's super useful to understand how .lnd files are structured, it just...
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    How to edit player symbols (RAW-file)

    We really did. I'm frustrated because talented people obviously have done a lot of work on it and I feel like I'm late to the party :) I've read that back in the day a small team of B&W enthusiasts had contacted the game devs at Lionhead studios and obtained fantastic information about the game...
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    How to edit player symbols (RAW-file)

    By the way, I'm dying to find the source code for BWSurveyor! It seems like a great tool and it's a shame it's not maintained anymore, and I'm sure there are heaps of valuable information in there. All the websites and contacts mentioned in the tool's readme are dead...
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    How to edit player symbols (RAW-file)

    The RAW files that Gimp produces don't work with Lndromat. So I had a look at the binary produced by PhotoShop (my gf has it) and reverse-engineered the format. The RAW format that Lndromat expects is merely a binary file of 512 x 512 bytes where each byte has a value between 0 and FF, that...
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    Welcome to BWFiles

    Same as Nym... many many years later, I'm still playing and enjoying this beautiful game. I've been looking through the entire internet for modding and scripting resources and I have to say I'm so grateful to the committed people who made all these tools and tutorials. Cheers!
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    More Active God AI/Hard Mode

    Hey! Great to see that many years later, there are still many people enjoying the game! I've read that the Ultimate Mod has improved enemy AI, but I don't know to what extent.
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    How to edit player symbols (RAW-file)

    From what I could gather from other resources, a tool that will work is Photoshop. I'm not a big fan since it's quite expensive and I don't have it on my computer, but I have tested it on a friend's computer and it will allow you to edit the RAW files. I am still looking for free software that...